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  • Longevity and healthy lifestyle.
  • Vitamin D and muscular strength.
  • Dieting, not for me!
  • Food what to remember!
  • Sport from the couch.
  • Josh, we love him.
  • Loosing weight and keeping it off.
  • Emotional eating.
  • Taking time to eat.
  • Weight gain and allergies.
  • Diabetes and weight loss.
  • A Healthy heart.
  • Garlic, every day.
  • Tea, a healthy partner.
  • Whole weat, as much as you want.
  • Fast-food, Go easy.
  • Socializing, its good for the mind.
  • Sleep well, live well.
  • Get up, exercise, breathe.
  • Training under the weather.
  • Stretching to improve training.
  • Essential equipment for training.
  • 3 weeks for a healthy heart.
  • Strong muscles, strong bones.
  • The past is behind us, lets live today!
  • Your Succes, your strength.
  • Everything is possible, you only need to start.
  • Dream big.
  • Take command of your life.
  • The transformation begins today.
  • Who photographs herself each week after her pregnancy?
  • Who eats baby food ?
  • Who banned carbs from her life?
  • Who danses Baladi ?
  • Who doesnt skip a meal?
  • Who drinks water before every meal ?
  • Eating : its not what you eat but rather how you eat it.
  • Color your plate.
  • More carbs, more whole weat.
  • Fat: which one to choose.
  • For strong bones, calcium and vitamin D.
  • Protein, know them well.


Success Story

They have lost up to 15 pounds! You would want to do the same, learn their secrets.

Stephanie least 15 pounds, Jean-Claude: 10 pounds, Lora: Under 30 pounds, be part of the success stories like them.

More than 30 pounds to lose, it takes organization and motivation but this is not mission impossible.

Yolanda lost 32 pounds, Natasha lost 40 pounds, and Sabine lost 45 pounds...

If losing weight has become an obligation and a health issue ...

Lydia lost 50 pounds, Annie: 60 pounds, Alexandra: 70 pounds ... come discover their motivation.

Weight loss diary

Quebec, May 17, 2010.

Today, for the thousandth time in my life I decided to take control! How much do I weigh? Far too much. My weight is the weight of my emotions that and the slightest provocation, the slightest sorrow or concern at the slightest moment ..., I am a ball of stress with two legs. Read the my Journal...

Mon Journal de Régime

There we go again; today I start a new diet!

It's nice and beautiful, summer is fast approaching. I have to lose 10 pounds, that's my goal for the summer!

See other diaries...

See other diaries...

Mon Journal de Régime 4 weeks before my summer holidays and 10 pounds too heavy.

I set myself a reasonable target between 5 to 10 pounds. I can do it, my biggest challenge is stress.

Yes, as soon as I stress, I eat.

See other diaries...

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